Sudan, a land rich in history and culture, stands at a crossroads. Decades of

internal strife civil wars political upheaval conflict instability

have left scars on its people and hindered its progress. Yet, amidst these challenges, there burns a flame of hope -

A vision for a Sudan Reborn

Our Vision

To return to a strong and integrated Sudan, that celebrates its long history extending through thousands of years and to help make Sudan once again, “Ta Netjeru”, God’s Plan.

Our Mission

Work steadfastly to allow Sudan and the Sudanese people to rise from the ashes of wars and to welcome a “Reborn” Sudan that is a great source of tolerance and free of violence

Why Join Citizens for a Reborn Sudan (CRS)?

We are a grassroots organization founded by Sudanese within the country and throughout the diaspora, united in our commitment to peace and progress.

We advocate for policies that embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and empower all Sudanese citizens, regardless of their background.
We believe in the power of collective action and community engagement to effect meaningful change at the local, regional, and national levels.

Our goal is not just to address the symptoms of Sudan’s challenges but to tackle their root causes, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

Working Together

Join Us in Building a Better Sudan

Whether you are a Sudanese citizen longing for change, a member of the diaspora eager to contribute, or an ally committed to supporting our cause, there is a place for you at CRS. Together, we can work towards a Sudan reborn—a nation where peace, democracy, and prosperity flourish for generations to come.


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Whether you're a Sudanese citizen eager to contribute to your country's future, a member of the diaspora longing to make a difference, or an ally committed to supporting our cause, we invite you to join us.

Policy Advocacy

At Citizens for a Reborn Sudan (CRS), we are committed to advocating for policies that promote peace, democracy, and prosperity for all Sudanese citizens. Through our policy advocacy efforts, we seek to address the root causes of conflict, promote social justice, and foster inclusive governance structures that represent the interests of all Sudanese people.

Join Us in Reaching Out to Communities:

Whether you're a community leader, activist, educator, or concerned citizen, there's a place for you in our community outreach efforts. Join CRS today and be part of our collective effort to build stronger, more resilient communities across Sudan and beyond.

Grassroots Mobilization:

We work directly with communities in Sudan and abroad to raise awareness about critical issues affecting their lives and livelihoods.

Education & Capacity Building:

We provide educational programs and skill-building initiatives to equip Sudanese citizens to thrive in their communities.

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Together, Let's Build the Sudan of Tomorrow!